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It Takes a Friend

“It Takes a Friend” follows the journey of a Houston voter who has pledged to vote and shepherd 3 people to the polls. This is a multimedia project that focuses on critical aspects of voting, and how individuals impact their communities by being civically engaged. Content will be generated and posted weekly through a social media campaign with updates from participants. Community Partner: Baker Ripley.

Karen Martinez

Karen Y. Martinez is an artist and activist from Hidalgo, Mexico; living and working in Houston, TX. Her work explores latinidad, feminism and belonging. She earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Practices from the University of Houston in 2019. Karen is a former member of the artist collective of Mujeres Malas and the founder of Latina Filmmakers, a digital space dedicated to uplifting and sharing resources for Latinx Women.

As a DACA recipient, Karen is dedicated to promoting progressive causes and has worked with groups like Voices Breaking Boundaries, SEIU TX, Mi Familia Vota, United We Dream, Sierra Club and most recently the Tom Steyer Presidential campaign.

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