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Voice the Vote

Folks think coast to coast is east to west, but we are connecting from the Arctic to the Southern border! This creative collaboration from Houston, Texas and Juneau, Alaska is throwing down to mobilize the vote in 2020. Through community Poetry Slams, virtual Creative Writing & Performance Workshops, we will promote civic engagement and lift up the voices of our youth, as they remind us how voting impacts their lives.

Writer's Block & Perseverance Theatre

We Are Writer’s Block Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, founded in 2013 by CEO AJ McQueen. Writer’s Block was established to promote literacy and performing arts, while offering a platform and outlet for underprivileged youth and young adults ages 13-28. In addition, we enthusiastically encourage youth and young adults to positively express themselves through the elements of art. For seven years, Writer’s Block has dedicated service to low-income communities and families throughout the Houston area. Service is not just what we do as an organization, it’s who we are. While being Houston’s heart of service non-profit organization, Writer’s Block has been on many major platforms, from National media networks such as ABC 13, Fox News, and many citywide agencies. Our organization thrives in spreading the knowledge and solutions of today’s struggles, while also giving hope to communities throughout the city, and never forgetting the mission that built the foundation of this organization, “The Pen Is Stronger Than The Gun.”

Perseverance Theatre was founded in 1979 by Molly Smith as a theatre by, for and about Alaskans. Now under the leadership of Artistic Director Leslie Ishii, Perseverance is a 501(C)(3) organization overseen by a statewide, thirteen-member board of community members, professionals, and artists. Perseverance Theatre values community engagement, cross-cultural collaboration, professional rigor, and regional voice.

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