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Five Black Women

What do a devout Christian youth minister, a strip club recruiter, a ghetto thug lesbian, a rising corporate executive, and a nationally recognized poet have in common? Exploring identity at the intersections of race, sexuality, and faith in the U.S. South, FIVE BLACK WOMEN is the first solo show by Spoken Word poet and triple-threat performer, Andresia Moseley, co-commissioned by Art2Action, ASU Gammage, and the National Performance Network (NPN).This one-woman show with multiple characters, poetry, a DJ and song reveals more than the stories of diverse black women. It is about the struggle to identify as a human in this complex world, and what happens when we contemplate letting go of who the world thinks we are. It’s about finding yourself, only to get lost repeatedly. It’s about accepting self, even when sometimes you don’t really know who that is. FIVE BLACK WOMEN is a journey of faith that examines religion and what happens when it fades, sexuality and what happens when it is explored, esteem and what happens when you risk everything to get it. It’s about the hood, the church, the club and the stage. What happens when circumstances push you, what’s too far, and how do we find our way back? What does it mean to be who you are, when it’s all said and done? This piece is rooted in African American aesthetics, with a live DJ, and a shocking revelation about how connected people at opposite ends of the political spectrum can be. Directed by Andrea Assaf. 

This show is scheduled to premiere in the 2023-24 season, followed by a regional and national tour. 

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