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Gabrielle Vigueira

General Manager & Multidisciplinary Artist, Art2Action

Gabrielle “Gabi” Vigueira is a multidisciplinary artist, communication specialist, and General Manager of Art2Action Inc. She also currently serves as Assistant National Coordinator of the National Institute for Directing & Ensemble Creation. Born and raised in Louisiana, Gabi has a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and film & media studies and a master’s degree in performance studies from Louisiana State University. There, she gained experience in the realms of experimental performance and installation art while working and performing in the HopKins Black Box, a not-for-profit experimental theatre and classroom managed by the performance studies area in the Department of Communication Studies. During this time, she served on the HopKins Black Box Theatre Board, performed and presented at conferences and festivals across the US, and won the HopKins Black Box Award for outstanding achievements in Performance Studies. 

In 2016, Gabi worked as a scenic artist and production assistant for "Tigre,” a concept album and video project by world music ensemble/collective Banda Magda, released on Verve Label Group and GroundUP Music. Her video editing work as part of "Persistence of Vision: Antarctica," an installation project created by performance artist Patricia A. Suchy and playwright/scientist Vince LiCata and funded in part by a National Science Foundation grant, has been installed at Alpine Gallery in Jardin Alpin du Lautaret, France and University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada and is scheduled to tour such venues as the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Washington DC and Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Gabi’s paintings have recently been exhibited at LSU’s Union Art Gallery in Plastigene and Other Stories of the Planet, an exhibition conceived and curated by Serap Erincin, in Visionary Art Collective’s virtual exhibition Ephemeral / Eternal curated by Alicia Puig, and Beyond Queer Words, 2023 Poetry Edition.

Gabi also has experience in teaching, marketing, bookkeeping, and more. Outside of work, you can catch her playing the ukulele and rollerskating--occasionally at the same time. 


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