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Artists & Cultural Workers
Mobilize the Vote!

In partnership with Houston in Action, we are thrilled to announce the selected ARTISTS & CULTURAL WORKERS who are working with organizers in Harris County, Texas, to motivate youth & people of color  to VOTE in the November 3rd elections.


In August, we issued a call for proposals seeking projects in which artists will collaborate with organizers and/or community partner organizations to create culturally relevant artistic expressions that inspire & mobilize voter engagement. Houston in Action awarded 12 projects, in various artistic disciplines! THE GOAL: To activate Youth, Black, Latinx, & Asian American communities to register & turn-out to vote in Houston, TX (and beyond!). Collectively, we hope these artist-led, cultural organizing projects will mobilize over 100,000 new voters this year!


Selected artists work closely with HiA, organizers, and Art2Action participating in bimonthly cohort meetings for peer exchange, and in Houston in Action Academy trainings and/or Learning Exchanges with Art2Action, including:

  • Voter Registration / Engagement

  • Racial Justice

  • Cultural Organizing: Framework & Values

  • Art & Digital Organizing: Tools & Best Practices

  • Evaluation: Planning & Process


All projects are being shared through digital means, and include strategies for safe participation during the pandemic. All funded projects must be non-partisan, and compliant with 501c3 tax-exempt status.

Visit Houston in Action's project page for social media links and more:

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#HTownVotes Artists


Miguel Avarez

Voto 2020

The Voto 2020 film "Houston" is about a seventeen year old activist, Stephanie, who has been mobilizing young voters.


Koomah & The Locas

Try Voting!

A commercial parody PSA project, The Locas will produce 4 fun and campy video shorts encouraging Houstonians to vote.


Kemi OG


Choreographer Kemi OG creates cinematic dance on social issues and the need to vote to impact change.


Kristina Wong

Vote for the Future

Shareable, viral videos where Asian American kids encourage voter-aged Americans to get out the vote!


Paul Cuevas

HTownVotes LIVE!

A livestreamed show featuring Houston performing and visual artists, encouraging communities of color to vote!


Karen Martinez

It Takes a Friend

A multimedia video project that follows the journey of a Houston voter who has pledged to vote and shepherd 3 people to the polls.


Riyaaz Qawwali

Discourse for Desis

Riyaaz Qawwali will present a music and dialogue series to engage Houston’s South Asian community this Fall.


Writer's Block & Perseverance Theatre

Voice the Vote

From Alaska to Texas, Writer's Block & Perseverance Theatre team up to co-host virtual Poetry Slams lifting up youth voices.


Reggie Hanna

Count Me In

A multi-disciplinary project igniting voter awareness through street theatre, writing contests, and a musical bicycle tour!


MECA Houston

Tu Voto es Poder

Digital media using popular Latinx forms, including online Lotería nights, memes, gifs, and videos, and an original song about voting!


Tofu Riot

The Animated Vote

Tofu Riot creates vote-themed animations on Instagram and YouTube, with an Animated Vote website.


A2A Votes!
Animating Democracy Session One  Voter Mobilization and the Arts on Wednesday 28 September 2022
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Cute Asian American Kids THROW HUGE TANTRUMS if you don't VOTE!
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Voting y Flores
Play Video
Try Voting!
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