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Our lives are shaped by what you see first. Black skin. We are as diverse as they come: culture, history, language, tradition, preferences, self-perception. They make us up, shape our perspectives, our dreams, how we see ourselves. Yet, our lives are shaped by what you see first.

“Interference” explores the rift between Africans and African Americans, and the obstacles we face in standing together. It is a piece that explores how we envy and eye the other until we step into each other’s shoes and realize how similar we truly are, and how each side has its scars, beauty marks, painful histories, and perseverance in breaking through obstacles. At that moment, we can turn our attention to the source of our discord and break the barriers that keep us down. We either reinforce each other, together, or we cancel each other out: divided.

Using film, performance art, and African symbolism, choreographer and dancer Kemi OG explores perspectives, strengths, and struggles--the woman struggle, the immigrant struggle, and more. “Interference” is a closer look at the division within the diaspora that stresses the need for love and unity in the fight for equality. The goal is to produce cinematic dance visuals that can be viewed digitally, focusing on social issues and the need to vote, to impact change.

Kemi OG

- Kemi OG is a structural engineer, dance artist, choreographer, fitness instructor, and creative director. She is the Afrodance Instructor for the Institute of Contemporary Dance, and founder of Afrobeats with Kemi OG, an Afrodance program focused on teaching technique and fusion choreography. Since 2012, She has trained and taught Afrodance, produced several shows, and curated multimedia performance pieces. In 2015, She founded AFROBEAT at JHU, a Zumba-inspired Afrodance fitness program focused on African, Caribbean, and other diasporic rhythms and worked as its main instructor for the first 3 years at Johns Hopkins University, where she also received a certificate in dance. In 2019, She hosted an 8 city Afrodance tour for beginners which raised funds for a children's camp in Nigeria. She has performed for several international artists such as Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Kizz Daniel, Afro B, and Mr. Eazi. Kemi has a passion for learning and sharing African culture and history through dance, and using the dance form as a medium for talking about social issues while encouraging mental wellness and self-worth through movement.

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