At Water's Edge / al filo del agua

women at water's edge (celeste & dora).j

Commissioned Artist: Celeste Miller

A cross-border collaboration with Dora Arreola, featuring Miroslava Wilson

Art2Action is proud to co-commission a new work through the National Performance Network (NPN) Creation Fund: Women at Waters Edge/Mujeres al Filo del Agua, led by artists Celeste Miller and Dora Arreola.

Celeste Miller will collaborate with Dora Arreola, Artistic Director of Mujeres en Ritual Danza-Teatro, to create a physical theatre/dance work with text, developed with Miroslava Wilson, Artistic Director of Pendulo Cero Danza Contemporanea, and members of Mujeres en Ritual.  The work will be created through a multi-site process in the artists' various locations -- Iowa, Atlanta and Tampa in the U.S., and Tijuana, Mexico.

The artists are exploring a collection of material, from readings to life experiences, to being in the studio, to being with others, to political turmoil and the places we find hope--in our bodies, in words, in images...  Themes include Solastalgia: like nostalgia, except instead of longing for a home we have left, it is the longing for the home that has left us; including looking at climate change--landscapes, where we live, and what has been destroyed (or changed) by natural or human-made disasters.  It is also about the loss of values and beliefs previously held to be self-evident, that are now daily being hacked away, washed away.  The idea of the "Water's Edge" includes the shifting of borders/boundaries/edges/filos; natural forces that change the boundaries, as well as how political forces change borders, or delineate them.  Women in this location are women who refuse to follow the rules of patriarchy and its destructive patterns.

TAMPA PREMIERE:  Spring 2022 - Stay tuned for updates!




May 2022 - Premiere in Tampa, FL - Save the Dates!

Stay tuned for details on site-specific performances around the Tampa Bay area in Spring 2022!

June 2018 - Development Residency, Tampa FL (USA)

June 12-21, 2018, Art2Action hosted the collaborating artists in residence in Tampa. This intensive 8-day residency included: Daily workshops in Movement and Vocal Composition Improvisation and Artistic Collaboration Engagement with the Tampa Community Devising the new Dance-Theatre work This residency included Celeste Miller, Dora Arreola, Miroslava Wilson, guest Kathie DeNobriga, and members of Mujeres en Ritual Danza-Teatro.

May 2017 - Development Residency, Tijuana, Mexico

In May 2017, Celeste Miller traveled to Tijuana, Mexico for a development residency with Mujeres en Ritual Danza-Teatro, which included site-specific explorations at the U.S.-Mexico border fence that cuts into the sea. The photos in the gallery above are from this residency.

March 2019 - Filming & Recording Residency, Tijuana, Mexico

Development activities included a singing workshop and recordings with guest artist Elise Witt (USA), and site-specific filming with Mujeres en Ritual Danza-Teatro.

July 2017 - Development Residency, Grinnell, Iowa (USA)

Grinnell College, where Celeste Miller is an Associate Professor of Dance, hosted a development residency with collaborators Dora Arreola and Miroslava Wilson.



National Performance Network (NPN) - 2017 Creation Fund Awards Announcement


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WOMEN AT WATER'S EDGE / MUJERES AL FILO DEL AGUA is a National Performance Network (NPN) Creation Fund Project co-commissioned by Art2Action, Grinnell College, and NPN. For more information, visit Additional support provided by the Ford Foundation.