A2A Collective Artists

Dora Arreola

Artistic Director, Mujeres en Ritual Danza-Teatro

Director, Choreographer & Performer

Andrea Assaf

Artistic / Executive Director, Art2Action

Writer, Performer, Director & Cultural Organizer

Irna Landrum

Writer & Organizer

Writer & Cultural Organizer

A2A Associate Artists

Eva Auster

Projection Artist

Video and projection designer and Isadora practitioner, DRONE

James Geiger

Photographer / Web Designer

Web Designer & Photographer

Kacey Anisa Stamats

Stage Manager / Filmmaker

Stage Manager & Photographer for Eleven Reflections, and Five Black Women

Eylem Basaldi

Violinist / Composer

Musician in Eleven Reflections on September & DRONE

Andresia Moseley

Actress / Spoken Word Artist

Creator of Five Black Women

Jessica "J-9" Coulter

Poet / Yoga Instructor

Host of our monthly Veterans' Community Open Mic

Aida Shahghasemi

Vocalist / Percussionist

Musician in Eleven Reflections on September & DRONE

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