A2A Originals

Art2Action creates, develops, produces and tours original contemporary theatre and performance. These are some of our original works.

Eleven Reflections on September

By Andrea Assaf

A Spoken Word & multimedia performance on Arab American experience, Wars on/of Terror, and “the constant, quiet rain of death amidst beauty” that each autumn brings in a post-9/11 world. *TOURING IN 2021-2022!*


A Transdisciplinary Theatre Project (WORK-IN-PROGRESS)

The journey of a drone pilot leads to an encounter with survivors of U.S. drone strikes—an encounter of worlds, in which the “drone” in global music forms a sonic backdrop to

high-tech militarization.

Outside the Circle

By Andrea Assaf

& Samuel Valdez

A play about unrequited love, and what happens to love when we internalize society’s phobias. Parallel, interweaving tales reveal the illusions of normalcy, and the liberation possible when choosing life…outside the circle.

Commissioned Works

In addition to creating A2A productions, we also commission and support the development of new work by artists we believe in, and whose work is aligned with our mission. Here are a few of the projects we support.

At Water's Edge / al filo del agua

By Celeste Miller & Dora Areola

A bilingual dance / physical theatre work exploring the shifting of borders / edges / filos, the natural and political forces that shape them, and  women who resist.

Five Black Women

By Andresia Moseley

Directed by Andrea Assaf

A one-woman show about religion and what happens when it fades, sexuality and what happens when it is explored, esteem and what happens when you risk everything to get it.