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Migration Play Cycle

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By Heather Raffo

Heather Raffo’s Migration Play Cycle is an ever-expanding narrative following migration and the global economy. Built in seasons that cycle across the world, it integrates live, local theater into a new immersive global web platform, allowing audiences to link the world’s migration patterns to the thousand transactions that make up their daily lives. Sprawling and epic, it is an ambitious map of a play, beckoning us to understand the way value itself migrates through currency, place, life, and time—especially as we approach the moment when all populations will have to confront not only global migration, but also their own.

In January 2022, Art2Action traveled to Mexico with Heather Raffo for a research and development residency supporting Migration Play Cycle, co-commissioned by Art2Action, the Arab American National Museum, The Carver Community Cultural Center, and the National Performance Network (NPN). This residency included research on the economic drivers of global migration, an interview with activist filmmaker Gaba Cortes, an artistic exchange with dance-theatre company Mujeres en Ritual, and a free workshop at the Casa Arcoíris shelter for LGBTQ+ migrants.


Tomorrow Will Be Sunday

Tomorrow Will Be Sunday

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"Tomorrow Will Be Sunday"
Written by Heather Raffo

Starring Mattico David

Shot and Edited by Charlyn Swarthout