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Eleven Reflections
on the Nation

Eleven Reflections on the Nation is a socially-engaged series of new performance works exploring Southwest/Central Asian and North African (SWANA), Middle Eastern/North African/South Asian (MENASA), and Muslim American experiences in the 21st century. The instigating work, Eleven Reflections on September, is a multimedia performance on Arab American identity, wars on/of terror, and “the constant, quiet rain of death / amidst beauty” in a post-9/11 world. Based on this work, Andrea Assaf co-creates and directs multidisciplinary, community-based, devised performances in cities across the United States. In each participating city, the performance will draw from the structure of the original piece, while engaging artists and communities who have been affected by post-9/11 policies to create their own content, illuminating our collective experiences since 2001. The result? A distinct, but interconnected, series of new performances across the country.


For examples, check out our inaugural project 11Reflections: San Antonio with The Carver, below; follow the development of 11Reflections: San Francisco with Brava; or follow #11Reflections on social media! Or contact us to bring Eleven Reflections on the Nation to your city…

The Carver 5_edited.png

San Antonio

The inaugural production, commissioned and presented by the Carver Community Cultural Center, in San Antonio, TX, 2020-21. Click here for archival photos, video clips, and more!


San Francisco

Presented by Golden Thread Productions, BRAVA! For Women in the Arts, & Aviva Arts. Currently in development, premiering in October 2024!


National Call for
Videos & Stories

Do you have a story to tell, or creative reflections to share? A2A & the Arab American National Museum invite you to submit a video or story as part of a national archive with selected showcases!


11Reflections on the Nation
Eleven Reflections: San Antonio - Trailer
Play Video
WHAT DO THE WOMEN SAY? 2023: Fighters for Freedom - Video Trailer
Play Video
Eleven Reflections - Digital Film Trailer
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Press  & Articles

Press Release: Eleven Reflections on the Nation - 9/11 Anniversary Events


Co-Creating Community: San Antonio - Anna De Luna

KRTU Radio: Independent Community Radio at Trinity University – Eleven Reflections: San Antonio

Interview on Morning Session with J.J. Lopez, November 15, 2021 (San Antonio, TX)


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